Series 6000 - Management Support

Policy 6000: Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption and Implementation

Procedure 6000-P: Program Planning, Budget Preparation, Adoption and Implementation

Policy 6020: System of Funds and Accounts

Procedure 6020-P: System of Funds and Accounts

Policy 6021: Interfund Loans

Policy 6022: Minimum Fund Balance 

Policy 6030: Financial Reports

Policy 6040: Expenditures in Excess of Budget

Policy 6100: Revenues from Local, State and Federal Sources

Procedure 6100-P: Revenues from Local, State and Federal Sources

Policy 6102: District Fundraising Activities

Procedure 6102-P: District Fundraising Activities

Policy 6112: Rental or Lease of District Property 

Policy 6114: Gifts and Donations 

Procedure 6114-P: Gifts and Donations

Policy 6120: Investment of Funds

Policy 6210: Purchasing: Authorization and Control

Procedure 6210-P: Purchasing: Authorization and Control

Policy 6212: Charge Cards

Policy 6213: Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

Procedure 6213-P: Reimbursement for Travel Expenses

Form 6213-F: Reimbursement for Travel Expenses 

Policy 6215: Voucher Certification and Approval 

Procedure 6215-P: Voucher Certification and Approval

Policy 6216: Reimbursement for Goods and Services: Warrants

Policy 6220: Bid Requirements

Procedure 6220-P: Bid Requirements

Form 6220-F: Bid Requirements

Policy 6230: Relations with Vendors

Policy 6240: Food and Beverage Consumption

Procedure 6240-P: Food and Beverage Consumption

Policy 6250: Cellular Telephones

Policy 6500: Risk Management

Procedure 6500-P: Risk Management

Form 6500-F Standard Tort Claim Form

Policy 6510: Safety 

Procedure 6510-P: Safety 

Policy 6511: Staff Safety

Procedure 6511-P: Staff Safety

Policy 6512: Infection Control Program

Procedure 6512-P: Infection Control Program

Policy 6513: Workplace Violence Prevention

Procedure 6513-P: Workplace Violence Prevention

Policy 6530: Insurance

Policy 6535: Student Insurance

Policy 6540: School District's Responsibility For Privately-owned Property

Policy 6570: Data and Records Management

Procedure 6570-P: Data and Records Management

Form 6570-F: Data and Records Management

Policy 6600: Transportation

Procedure 6600-P: Transportation

Policy 6605: Student Safety Walking to School and Riding Buses

Procedure 6605-P: Student Safety Walking to School and Riding Buses

Policy 6610: Video Surveillance

Procedure 6610: Video Surveillance

Policy 6620: Special Transportation

Policy 6625: Private Vehicle Transportation

Policy 6630: Driver Training and Responsibility

Policy 6640: School Owned Vehicles

Policy 6690: Contracting for Transportation Services

Policy 6700: Nutrition, Health and Physical Education

Procedure 6700-P: Nutrition, Health and Physical Education

Policy 6800: Operations and Maintenance of School Property 

Policy 6801: Capital Assets/Theft Sensitive Assets

Policy 6810: Energy Management/ Education

Policy 6881: Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials

Procedure 6881-P: Disposal of Surplus Equipment and/or Materials

Policy 6882: Sale of Real Property

Policy 6883: Closure of Facilities

Policy 6890: State Environmental Policy Act Compliance

Policy 6895: Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping

Procedure 6895-P: Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping

Policy 6900: Facilities Planning

Policy 6905: Site Acquisition

Policy 6910: Construction Financing

Policy 6911: Post Issuance Compliance

Policy 6920: Construction Design

Policy 6921: Educational Specifications

Procedure 6921-P: Educational Specifications

Policy 6923: Energy Conservation

Policy 6925: Architect and Engineering Services

Procedure 6925-P: Architect and Engineering Services

Policy 6950: Contractor Assurances, Surety Bonds and Insurance

Policy 6955: Maintenance of Records

Policy 6957: Change Orders

Policy 6959: Acceptance of Completed Project

Policy 6971: Works of Art

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