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Volunteering During the 2021-2022 School Year

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Anacortes School District.  We are pleased to invite volunteers back into our schools beginning Nov. 1, 2021.  All volunteers are required to complete the following:

While we value our volunteers in so many areas of the work we do in the Anacortes School District, we also must be mindful of our continued efforts to ensure virus mitigation, so that our students stay in classrooms as much as possible this school year.  In a typical year, we welcome as many as 125 volunteers into our schools.  We cannot reasonably allow nor process that many at this time.

To that end, we want to phase in a return of our volunteers by starting with those that support academic and social-emotional programming first.  These plans are subject to change as we adhere to guidance from the Department of Health for the state of WA and for Skagit County, the Governor’s office, and OSPI, for example.  Both parties will work together before each phase to discuss current guidance and any COVID impacts to the community before moving to the next phase of volunteers. This year, COVID vaccination will be required as a part of the volunteer application.

Phase 1—Fall 2021

We will continue to rely on our volunteer coaches to support athletics in our schools.
We will welcome back our Club Advisors who support programs and our staff advisors in areas like theater, music, and robotics as needed by staff.
Phase 2—Winter 2021

We may expand at this time to welcome back some vendors and volunteers who support academic programming and enrichment programs.
Principals will collaborate with their PTA presidents to will welcome back limited numbers of PTA volunteers for very specific student event support (i.e., Winter kickoff events).  When possible, we will stay outdoors.
Phase 3—Spring 2022

We hope we can expand to a full return of all volunteers as HR staff has the capacity to vet the completed applications and mitigation protocols are working to keep COVID rates low.

Step-by-step Guides:

A maximum of 5 volunteers will be allowed in each building at any given time
Raptor volunteer application found here.
COVID-19 Vaccine Survey found here.
Safeschools COVID-19 Safety Video.  You will receive an email invitation to complete.
Once the above steps have been processed, please email Laura Dennis at Ldennis@asd103.org  we will send out a final email to the building administrator and volunteer with an email confirmation that they are cleared to begin.  This process can take up to a week to complete, so please plan accordingly.  Approved volunteer status is effective for 1 academic year and must be renewed annually.

Please contact either Laura Dennis at 360-503-1223, or Shelby Vander Kooy at 360-503-1203 in Human Resources with any additional questions, or concerns. 

Volunteer FAQ


Thank you for being a valued partner in the education of our students. Anacortes School District uses a volunteer and visitor management system called RAPTOR. This system is designed to strengthen safety and security in our schools and streamline the visitor registration sign-in process and volunteer approval process.

Do volunteers need to be vaccinated against COVID-19?
Effective Oct. 18, 2021, all volunteers must be verifiably fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or have been granted a religious or medical exemption by the district in addition to completing the RAPTOR application. Religious or medical exemption applications can be obtained from Connie Sheridan, Director of Human Resources, by emailing her at csheridan@asd103.org Volunteers should be prepared to show proof of vaccination upon request.

How does RAPTOR work?
RAPTOR pulls information from the district's approved volunteer list. Volunteer Policies and procedures have not changed. (All volunteers undergo a Washington State Patrol background check which is good for two years. The volunteer database is managed and maintained by Anacortes School District). When RAPTOR is implemented at an instructional building, volunteers and visitors will no longer sign in on paper when visiting the school.

What if I’m just visiting a school building and not volunteering?
Visitors will be asked to show a state-issued identification like a driver's license, or be asked to answer a few questions about their name. Visitor names will be checked against the national sex offender registry. Approved visitors will receive a self-expiring name badge that cannot be reused.

What if I’m volunteering at a school?
Volunteers will be asked to complete an application on the district’s website.  The application asks the same questions we have always asked volunteers about their identity and any criminal history.

Approved volunteers will be sent an email that includes an electronic badge. The first time a volunteer signs into the building using RAPTOR, they will be asked to be photographed and staff will print a self-expiring ID badge for use on campus. Please bring government-issued, valid photo identification with you to the school on your next visit.


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