Volunteer Services
Welcome to Volunteer Services!

Volunteers are essential partners in the success of our schools, and we truly appreciate their gifts of time and talent that fuel so many wonderful opportunities for our students.  Individuals from throughout our community serve in variety of volunteer positions, from tutors and mentors to classroom assistants, special project committees, and so much more!  

All volunteers must have a yearly application and background check on file with the Volunteer Services office.  Clearance is on a one-year basis, and all volunteers must re-apply each school year.

** FALL 2017 UPDATE **


The Anacortes School District is blessed by the contributions of our many school volunteers.  Parents, family members, and community members serve to strengthen school culture in so many ways, from PTA/PTSA participation to classroom support, tutors, mentors, booster clubs and so much more.  Just last year, ASD volunteers offered nearly 27,000 hours – a stunning gift from our community with an economic value equivalent to $630,000*.  But no price can be assigned to our volunteers’ greatest gift – that of kindness, character, and positive role models for our students.

With student and campus safety our highest priority, two important safety updates were implemented this summer.  Many of you are familiar with the Raptor security system at each building.  An upgrade to that system requires all visitors and cleared volunteers to have their driver’s license scanned by front office staff once again, even if you have done so in the past.

In addition, we are introducing a new online system for volunteer clearance that includes a national criminal history background check.  Beginning August 29, individuals interested in volunteering for our schools may access the online volunteer application here.  Paper applications will no longer be accepted.  The online application requires an active email account and a valid social security number to enable a background check.  The volunteer system does not retain social security numbers once the background check is complete. 

 If your background check returns a finding, you will receive a report at the address you provide in the application.  

As a reminder, all school volunteers must complete a volunteer application and a background check each school year prior to service in our schools.  The beginning of the school year is an excellent time to complete the process, so that you can be ready to volunteer in the schools or chaperone a field trip.  After you have completed the application, you will receive notification by email once you are approved as well as an invitation to the volunteer portal where you will be able to track your hours and sign up for special events.

The online application may be accessed from your home computer at any time.  You also are welcome to contact ASD Community Engagement Coordinator Keiko McCracken for assistance with the process, including help for anyone without a home computer to complete the application.  

*Points of Light Foundation, www.pointsoflight.org

For more information, please contact Keiko McCracken, ASD Community Engagement Coordinator, at kmccracken@asd103.org or (360) 293-1234.